Author: James Johnston

The Other Booth Brother: Exploring America’s Strangest Theatrical Family

By James Johnston | March 23, 2020
john wilks booth portraits

To understand why John Wilkes Booth decided to gather a group of conspirators together on Good Friday 1865 to undermine the nation – killing the president alongside the failed assassinations of other members of his cabinet – one must look towards his life on the stage. John Wilkes Booth was beloved by all, especially women, as a strikingly handsome figure with a face audience members would drop money just to...

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How to Turn Your Family NYC Trip into A John Wick Vacation Without Them Knowing

By James Johnston | December 18, 2019
john wick in nyc

People cannot get enough of John Wick. Between the three movies, the upcoming fourth installment, spinoffs, video games, and inexplicable inclusion in Fortnite, John Wick has relaunched Keanu Reeves’ career and turned into the action sleeper hit of the past five years. But Derek Kolstad’s franchise is not just a rollicking good time full of blood, bullets, and regret over having to regress into the cold-blooded lifestyles we swore we’d...

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