Author: Joel

A Lazy Afternoon in Greenwich Village

By Joel | March 21, 2019
The uncommons, Greenwhich

As a Tour Guide and a New Yorker, I’m often asked which neighborhood in New York is my favorite. Typically, what someone is really saying is that they have a free afternoon and want advice on places to check out that aren’t classic tourist attractions. They want to experience a few new, unique, only-in-New-York experiences that cater to locals but are still exciting for someone visiting the city. Almost every...

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Your Guide To An Afternoon Manhattan Pastry Crawl

By Joel | December 15, 2018
milk bar pie

  New York is a Mecca of great desserts with world class bakeries and cafes on practically every corner. However, there are a few iconic places that rise above the competition and become sought-after stops by New York locals and tourists alike. These bakeries are spread out across New York’s most popular neighborhoods, so trying to visit them is both a great self-guided New York tour and a dessert lover’s...

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