Author: Ryan M. Sero

Whatever Day You Crave, Give Ripley’s Aquarium a Try!

By Ryan M. Sero | December 12, 2019
tram through aquarium

It’s T minus two days from the event I don’t know is happening yet and my wife and I are talking while the kids are eating dinner. “Oh!” she says, with that tone which means she almost forgot to tell me something. Now I know that there will be an information steam roller coming down on me and I have to step out of the way. It’s happening, I just...

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Live Theatre for a Fun December in Toronto: An Outsider’s Insiders’ Recommendations

By Ryan M. Sero | December 5, 2019

I once discovered that Grease 2 is literally unwatchable. I was down in the United States, and I was on my own for one of the first times in my life, taking a weekend screenwriting course in San Diego, and I had made a crucial error in calculation: in my haste and excitement, I had forgotten to pack a book. So there I sat in my motel room, flicking through...

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