5 raisons pour lesquelles NYC est meilleur en février

New York City gets a reputation for being noisy, crowded, and expensive. But there is one month of the year where that is not true. Although it may seem like a terrible time to travel to the North East, savvy tourists know February cannot be beat in terms of pricing and availability. If you want to have the place (almost) to yourself, you have to come visit this time of year.

1. It’s Waaaaay Less Crowded!

Many tourists are scared to travel to NYC in the winter because of the cold weather. The average daily high temperature is around 32℃, which is too cold for some, but if you can brave the elements, you can enjoy a much more empty city. The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and many other popular attractions report shorter lines and wait times. So as long as you prepare and dress warm you can enjoy less hassle and get a more individual experience. Many tourists find they enjoy this time of year more than the heat of summer. New Yorkers also enjoy the extra elbow room too and are sometimes even friendlier despite the cold! The peace and quiet brings out the best in everyone.

2. There are Incredible Events All Month Long

Even though February is the shortest month of the year it is jam packed with fun events! If you are coming at the beginning of the month you may be interested in getting some great deals on hundreds of NYC eateries for Restaurant Week! You can get a 2 course meal for $26 or 3 courses for $42. Participating restaurants include the Atlantic Grill in Lincoln Center, The Brooklyn Chop House, The Bombay Bread Bar and more! Both New Yorkers and tourists alike love to get dressed up and get a great deal on a fancy meal. It only comes twice a year, this time it runs January 21st through February 8th, just in time for an early Valentine’s Day treat. If you’re coming toward the end of the month and have some children to entertain the Intrepid Museum Kids Week may be perfect for young ones interested in anything airplanes, boats, and space! It runs February 17th through 23rd. Also check out the New York International Children’s Film Festival, which offers events and workshops as well as movies from all around the world. It begins February 22nd and continues through March 17th. Of course if you need a reason to visit the Big Apple this month, there is always Valentine’s Day!

More information about these events can be found at these links:

3. Valentine’s Day Fun

There are so many rom-coms set in NYC for a reason: it is one of the most romantic cities in the world! You can take a walk across the magnificent Brooklyn Bridge which is breath-taking with a light coating of snow. Central Park is especially romantic this time of year and is also mercifully empty. Wander off the beaten track and you can find yourself a moment of solitude in the middle of the big city. You can take a night-time harbor cruise see the lights; many companies offer warm cabins where you can watch from indoors with a hot chocolate or delicious cocktail. Restaurants may be really busy and reservations hard to make but what is great about NYC is that even grabbing some dollar pizza in Times Square with someone you love can be just as romantic as a fancy dinner back home. Some other fun date ideas include visiting the Statue of Liberty, going to the observation deck of One World Trade, or museum wandering.

4. The Deals are Amazing in February

One of the hardest things about visiting NYC is securing a hotel room. They can be so incredibly expensive and sell out quickly many times of the year. Christmas, New Years, and during the summer the rates can rise exponentially. February is one of the easiest and cheapest times of year to get hotel rooms and airfare.Sometimes Valentine’s Day and the surrounding weekend can be a little tricky, especially for the most popular hotels but you are sure to find a deal if you do a little searching! Some hotels will even offer packages which include entrance to museums and top tourist attractions to entice you further. Since it is less crowded you will get more personalized attention and there are concierges who can even help plan your trip!

5. It Might Even Snow!

New York City in February We get an average of 7 inches of snow here in New York City in February. Some years it is more, some is less but February usually brings us at least a little snow. You can get some amazing pictures on a snowy day, especially in the parks. Some people even plan trips to visit the day after the snow hits just to experience the winter wonderland-like atmosphere. Even if it doesn’t snow on your trip, you can enjoy another great winter activity: ice skating at one of the city’s public skating rinks! At least if you do not see snow on your trip, you can enjoy the ice all winter long!

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